Lawsuit Challenges Anti-Ageing Claims (Nature)

Posted on by Brendan Borrell

“You’re going to be hearing from my attorney,” Brian Egan told his boss on his last day of work, nearly a year ago. Last week, Egan filed a class-action lawsuit that accuses Telomerase Activation Sciences (TA Sciences) in New York of engaging in deceptive business practices in promoting a proprietary herbal extract intended to reverse the effects of ageing.

The lawsuit threatens to put the science of telomeres — repetitive nucleotide sequences that protect the ends of chromosomes during DNA replication — on trial. But Noel Patton, president of TA Sciences, denies all of the allegations. “We stand by what we say,” he adds.

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Unfortunately, I couldn’t include the juiciest quotes in this story, but I’ve uploaded court documents here so you can read more about the twisted saga and learn more than you ever wanted to know about TA-65:

Brian Egan’s discrimination complaint

T.A. Sciences’ reply to the discrimination filing

T.A. Sciences’ defamation lawsuit against Brian Egan

Brian Egan’s response to the defamation lawsuit

Brian Egan’s class action lawsuit against T.A. Sciences