I've tracked down the Canadian maple syrup thieves, gone deep inside the world of British mole catchers, and pieced together the epic story of a French adventurer who vanished in Alaska.

I'm a correspondent for Outside magazine, and my work has also been published in National GeographicSmithsonian, Bloomberg Businessweek and many other outlets. As an Alicia Patterson Foundation fellow, I traveled to Uganda to investigate an herbal cure for malaria and the strange plague wrought by false tooth disease. I’ve also done random things like write a college textbook and work as a science consultant on the production of Will Smith: The Jump.

My own story begins in Houston, Texas, where my first and only real job involved arbitrage of Southwest Airlines flight coupons on the grey market for a gambling addict named Barry who I still count as a friend and mentor. I went to college and grad school in California, grew a beard, and spent six years catching frogs, snakes, and bees in Central America in an aborted attempt to become a field biologist.

I currently live in Los Angeles. You can reach me at bborrell